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Instructions: Use the left mouse to punch and click the right mouse to kick.

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In Taekwon.io, you must use your excellent fighting abilities to help your unit beat all opponents! Say hi to this RPG Upgrades game online free for all now to experience awesome challenges. You are given with a unit and you must improve it by training various techniques, such as punching, kicking and blocking. Keep practicing those skills until the unit is completely ready, then you can take part in Underground Fighting Ring by entering the Arena. Once the fight has begun, quickly punch directly right into the face of your opponent unit, kick it powerfully, and perform other skills you know in order to defeat the rivals. The main objective is to lead your unit to the victory! You can play the game anytime you want, save your progress then you can continue from where you left off when you come back. Give it a shot now! Hope you have a blast with it!

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