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Gamer’s World

Instructions: Perform the movement using WASD, click the right mouse for using items, press key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key O to open the soldiers shop, and the mouse cursor to spin.

Gamer’s World about:

Gamer's World

Gamer’s World unblocked is yet another game about zombies packed with action and challenges. Get yourself ready for this forthcoming battle between zombies and humans now. Once stepping into Gamer’s World online, you will take on the role of either a human or a zombie. There are two missions here! For the zombies, they must go around the map spreading the virus to kill all humans, while humans have to find a safe place to survive this contamination. The zombies can work together to scatter the virus more quickly. Similarly, humans have to team up with each other to block all the doors, build safe shelters, as well as dodge all the zombies before they get destroyed. Humans can kill zombies using some items that they have picked up on the ground or items from the shop. Two teams must fight off each other, and the winning team will be the one that survives until the end. Good luck with Gamer’s World game!

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