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Escape from the Beast!

Instructions: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to fire.

Escape from the Beast! about:

Escape from the Beast

Human and monster are not on the same side, and in Escape from the Beast!, you have to choose your favorite side! This title lets you play as either a human or a deadly beast. If you become a human, your mission is to move around the arena to find a weapon then use it to inflict damage on the beast until it’s gone. There are plenty of challenges given to you when you make your way through the map. So, try to use your skills to conquer all of them and finish off the beast before it catches you. For the beast, you have to go chase down all of the humans and attempt to eliminate them all before they kill you with their weapons. Whatever side you are on, when you engage in the battle, try to get an upper hand on your rival for a better chance of winning. Will you Escape from the Beast? or Will you chase down the human? Play it now!

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