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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to place the towers and use the items.

TD about:


TD is a perfect Tower Defense Upgrades game attracting many players across the world. Like the classic Tower Defense games, in this web-browser version, your goal is also to defend your belonging, which is a precious gem, from waves after waves of enemies. The enemies will pop up from the cave, then march towards the gem. You need to place defensive weapons, like turrets, towers, and anything you have in order to shoot down all the foes before it gets to your place. For every kill you collect, you will earn experience, and more experiences you have earned will allow you to unlock stronger towers. Each time you level up, more skill points will be unlocked, then you can use them to purchase upgrades from the gem shop. The most important thing is how you will place the weapons because all of them need to be placed strategically so you can outplay the rivals easily. How many waves do you think you will surpass? Give it a try!

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