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Instructions: Control the movement of your character around the map using WASD. Click the mouse to turn around, use the left mouse to use items, press G to release items, and use E to pick up items.

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Will you become a zombie leader or a human leader in Futurefunk unblocked? Find your answer by jumping into this zombie strategy io right now! There are many games about humans and zombies fighting one another for the arena control, and this title is one of them that will be definitely worth a try. In Futurefunk free online, there will be one random player that is chosen to be a starter zombie. The mission for the zombie is to spread the virus across the map to infect all humans. Once humans get infected, they will turn into zombies, making the zombie team bigger in size. The mission for the human team is that they have to get through this contamination and work together to fight off all zombies. Human players can purchase items from the shop to boost their strength and use them to slay zombies. Both teams must keep fighting until there is one last person standing on the ground. That last person will make his team win! Have fun!

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