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Instructions: Steer your snake bus to the left/right using keys A/D. Use the spacebar to jump. Use F for the nitro boost, and use G to become invisible.



Play Snakebus.io unblocked for free! Just like Slither.io game, in this title, you are a snake-like mini-bus wandering around a large map to gather as many passengers as possible to build your size. Being a small snake bus is not a cool thing at all because you will not have much strength to destroy other enemy snake buses or have no chances to dominate the leaderboard. So, it’s good to collect all the passengers around you and that’s how to upgrade your bus as well as make it more powerful. You can go kill other enemy bushes by having them run into you or trapping them using your long body. There are many ways for you to kill them, just make sure that they will not have a chance to destroy you, which means you must protect yourself all the time. Feel free to gather power-ups like nitro and invisibility as you move around the map. They will help you kill the enemies easily. Will you be able to become the longest snake bus on the leaderboard? Join SnakeBus.io free online!

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