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Instructions: Speed up your worm using the mouse or key Q. Stop the movement using key W, get into the stealth mode using key E, and use a smiley using keys 1-5.

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Wormax2.io unblocked free game is taken in a vast arena where everybody has to compete against each other for a chance of becoming the top worm on the leaderboard. Similar to Slither.io game, Wormax2.io free also guarantees fun and awesome experience for all players. This io game title can even take the snake genre game to the next level when it features unique gameplay elements. You are a little worm that has to grow the body by collecting many fruits on the map. Be sure to avoid the rivals when you gather foods, or else you will lose a life, which can cause the game to be reset. Once you have reached a big size, you can now trap the enemies, cut them off, encircle them and make them run into you. Try to use all the strategies and tactics that you have in order to eliminate all other players then you can slither your way to the top rank on the leaderboard.

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