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Instructions: Direct the movement of your fidget spinner using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed up.

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Spin your way to the top and finish off all enemies in Superspin.io unblocked which is one of the best io games unblocked for players to master. A fan of fidget spinner games will definitely want to play Superspin.io free online. You will be taken to a huge map packed with colored gems. They are free to eat, so eat them as much as you can to increase your spinning speed. When you can go at full speed, you will be able to dash into other enemy fidget spinners. The faster one will be the winner, while the slower one will be the loser. This means if you kill your rival, you can gather their dead remains for making your speed much faster. Never stop gathering dots dotted around the map because you will need them to grow your speed again. Pay attention to your rank on the leaderboard as you play. Your goal is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard to become the best fidget spinner. Enjoy Superspin.io free now and don’t forget to play a game like it called Spinz.io!

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