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Instructions: Press WASD to walk, RMB to get ready to use the gun, LMB to attack, scroll the mouse wheel to swap weapons

Stealth.io about:


Stealth.io is a free horror Battle Royale Io game set in a creepy cramped space. Roam carefully because you cannot predict what is waiting for you ahead. There are various rooms in the building that you and multiple online enemies are staying in. They provide ideal places to hide, cove, and even make deadly plans. Always watch your back or you can be ambushed while wandering. Please restrict travel and shoot! Your footsteps and the gunfire will reveal your position and you will be spotted immediately. Actually, your survival is a decisive element to conquer the rankings of Stealth.io unblocked. Play the challenge cautiously and you will not regret it! Aside from the gun, you will be equipped with a knife. They can be swapped whenever. Remember to deploy them properly! They will give you an edge over the opponent for sure. It’s time to accelerate and prove your shooting skill!

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