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Instructions: Move your spinner using the mouse and use the left mouse button to speed up.

Spinz.io about:


Spinz.io unblocked is a fidget spinner game that is free to play in browsers. You have to control your fidget spinner around a huge map trying to pick up lots of scattered dots to grow your RPM – an important element that can help you win. The higher the RPM is, the better it is. You will compete against other fidget spinners controlled by players from around the world.

When you collide with others, the dots of both spinners will be dispersed, and you need to quickly collect them all. If your speed is faster than other spinners, you can kill them easily. But if yours is slower, you will be killed. Therefore, make sure you collide with the ones that are slower than you, otherwise, you will be destroyed, causing the game to be over. You can speed up to defeat enemies, but try not to speed up too much before your RPM will be decreased. There is a feature called Whirlpools that can be used to get an insane speed. The main goal for you in Spinz.io game for free is to become the top-ranked fidget spinner on the leaderboard. Play it now!

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