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Instructions: Create colors and use them to pain the shapes to scale up your factory in the game using the mouse.

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If you are seeking a new io game to master, then Shapez.io unblocked will suit your desire. In this io title, you are tasked with building factories to automate the creation and merging of shapes. The game also gives you a chance to fly high your creativity. You are free to combine, mix, and match colors following your own way. Once you have created your own color, you will use it to paint the shapes. The mission sounds easy, right? However, you still need to master it quickly. The shapes need to be painted in the least amount of time possible so you can meet the game objective. Don’t forget to gather resources on the ground then make use of them to expand on the map. There are cool upgrades featured in Shapez.io game that you want to unlock and try. Also, they can be used to speed up your factory. Can you beat all opponents to become the winner in this io game online? Play the game now to show your skills! Have fun with it!

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