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Instructions: Move your sea dragon around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse to speed up.

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SeaDragons.io is one of the latest io games with Slither style. It’s a mix and match of Slither.io and sea monsters. In SeaDragons.io game, you will control an epic sea dragon around a big ocean trying to gain size by eating lots of aquatic creatures, such as fish and plankton orbs. The more you eat, the bigger and longer you will become. Then, you have to go fight against other enemy sea dragons controlled by real players for sea domination. You should chase for the smaller ones while avoiding the bigger ones. Also, do not collide your head with the body of other enemies, otherwise, the game will be over. But you can make them collide with your body using their heads to eliminate them out of the arena. Don’t forget to gather cards by fulfilling quests then use the cards to unlock new species as well as level up the owned ones. Are you ready to play Sea Dragons.io unblocked for free? Much fun with it!

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