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Instructions: Direct the movement of your raft around the ocean using the mouse. Or, you can control it by taping the screen if you play the game on mobile.

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Raft Royale.io

Join an ocean fight in RaftRoyale.io unblocked and see if you can rack up kills to the top. RaftRoyale.io free online is another battle royale game where players must use their rafts to fight one another. When you enter the ocean, you must begin building a raft for yourself to move around the arena as you attempt to inflict damage on enemies. You can equip lots of weapons to your raft then make use of them to kill others. As you move, make sure you are careful with various sea monsters, such as an octopus. You have to stay away from them because they can damage your raft if you are close to them. Quickly kill all the rafts that are smaller than you while protecting yourself from the bigger ones. You will become the winner if you are the last player standing on the ocean map. Play RaftRoyale with multiple friends around the map now! Have fun!

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