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Instructions: Use the mouse to move around the map, boost speed using the spacebar or the left mouse.

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Play Pikes.io free online with a new host of online players from around the globe now! Pikes.io a fun, fantastic, and enchanting multiplayer io game set in a huge arena where players have to use their pikes to slay each other. Before entering this arena, you can pick a great skin for your character if you want. When the battle is on, navigate your way through the map trying to gather as many colored squares dispersed on the floor as possible. The more colored squares you pick up, the longer your pike will become, giving you more strength to stab other players too. Keep hitting and smashing them with your pike while defending yourself from their attacks. The more enemies you kill, the higher points you will gain. Do not get shot by anyone! Otherwise, you will meet a sticky end. This jousting arena needs the best lord! Can you be that one? Good luck with Pikes.io game!

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