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Instructions: Steer and control the ship using WASD or arrow keys. Get your ship stronger by collecting "stardust" crystals, deal damage to asteroids for more stardust using the spacebar or Shift. Use H to hyperspace away from danger.

Nullstar.io about:

Prove your skills in Nullstar.io unblocked – a 2D asteroids-themed io game set in space where players must compete against each other for dominance. You will deal with not only enemies but also asteroids that are floating around in space. Prepare your skills for this space adventure then see if you can conquer it!

You are a pilot who has to use lots of strong weapons to beat all other enemy pilots and deal damage to their spaceships while defending yours from their attacks. Try to blow up other asteroids to get resources, and when you have a big amount of resources, the size of your ship will be increased, which makes your laser cannons stronger. After this, you can use them to shoot other enemies easily. Once you have grown your ship’s size, you can also unlock some parts of the game. Don’t be afraid of the ships marked with a heart icon because they are friendly ships. But you should be careful and avoid the ships marked with a devil icon because they are aggressive ships that will attack you. Play Nullstar.io for free with smart strategies and you will win! Have fun with it!

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