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Instructions: Interact with items using E/F. Use WASD for the movement, use the left mouse to fire or build walls, use W to toggle the build mode, use the spacebar for jumping, Shift for sprinting, R to reload weapons, M to view the map, and keys 1-6 to change weapons.

Kize.io about:


Kize.io unblocked is set in a huge battlefield where worldwide players must fight for their ultimate survival and the victory royale. Much like other battle royale io games, Kize.io free online also focuses on a tough battle forcing players to go against each other. You will spawn in a lobby, and when all players are ready for the fight, you will be taken to the main map. Since you start with an ax, you must use it smartly to hunt for more weapons dispersed around the map. Equip yourself with better weapons and use them to dish out more damage to your opponents. You should be the fast one that loots items from chests. Accumulate more materials through the adventure then use them to build walls for your protection. Make sure you watch out for the zone that causes the map to shrink in size. You have to dodge it, otherwise, you will take damage from it. Do you think you have what it takes to outplay your opponents in Kize.io game? Play it now! Have fun!

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