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Instructions: The mouse is used for moving for your crowd of chicken, use the spacebar to speed up and use the right mouse to attack other enemies.

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With 3 game modes, Hury.io unblocked has become a popular chicken-style io game. You can play it for free in your browser to show your skills and meet new opponents from around the world. The game is all about collecting eggs, building a crowd of chickens, and attacking other enemy chickens to become the winner.

Hury.io free online can be the same as Crowd City when it’s also about building a crowd and making that crowd bigger. In the io mode, you will enjoy the classic io gameplay. The goal for you in this mode is to become the top 1 player on the leaderboard. In the battle royale mode, you have to finish off all enemy chicken crowds to become the only winner. In the team mode, you are with a team and try to help your teammates defeat all enemy crowds of chickens. Make sure you watch out for your surroundings when moving around the map and protect your crowd of chickens. Choose your favorite game mode to master, show off your skills as well as prove that you are the best player. Have fun!

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