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Instructions: Move with WASD, left click to fire, right click to aim, key F to open a door, key E to collect items, key I to open the inventory, key M to open the map, and key Enter to chat.

Gulch.io about:


Gulch.io unblocked is a fun battle royale shooting game online in which you will come across more and more enemies that come from various countries in the world. All of you have to battle against each other in an epic fight. When you spawn in the map, you start with nothing, meaning you are too weak to defeat other players. Therefore, you have to roam the map finding more equipment to make yourself much stronger. With the collected equipment, you use them smartly to dish out a huge amount of damage to other players. The map is very huge and full of various places. Make sure that you use them to your advantage so you can get an edge over other rivals. Watch out for sudden attacks and do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive. You aim to become the winner of the match in this Gulch.io free online game!

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