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Instructions: Use WASD to move, LMB or Spacebar to collect or strike, Q to choose health potion quickly, RMB to utilize empty hands, E to auto-hit, 1-6 or Left-click to pick tools, I or TAB to enter inventory, P to open the shop window, Enter to chat, Esc to hide windows

Doomz.io about:

Doomz.io is an online Moomoo.io style game that you should master control keys before starting the adventure. It’s about a fun multiplayer challenge set in a harsh land. On which, you are forced to fight against other people and every danger from the surroundings for survival. Play Doomz.io free and you need to gather resources after you are dropped as fast as possible. Additionally, quickly build a base to cover your body from deadly assaults! It’s easy to join Doomz.io unblocked together with friendly characters or your buddies! While hitting rocks and trees, remember to pick up stone and wood! They are materials to set up walls and gold diggers. They will allow you to defend your home and mine much more valuable items. If you stay alive and progress, you can unlock levels and obtain upgrades from the shop. It promises to be an interesting journey where you’d better learn how to adapt rapidly. Good luck!

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