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Instructions: Use WASD or Arrows to roam, Left Mouse to shoot

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Dizzytroopers.io is a free shooter game. Try to collect as many scores as possible to defeat every opponent and take over the top spot! While dizzy and spinning, it’s not simple to do that. Remember to time your shots! You will seize more chances to get kills and lower your dizziness! You are able to unlock the ability to aim freely if you stop rotating. Play Dizzytroopers.io unblocked and don’t bump into anybody who is stronger than you or you will be eliminated! There are a lot of power-ups scattered across the map. It’s easy to pick up and use them! They will bring back various special abilities. They are great to help you get an edge over rivals in Dizzytroopers.io online. However, these items cannot last forever. Therefore, it’s essential to mainly rely on your skills! Besides, remember that bullets that other people fire can ricochet off the wall and cause damage to your player! Good luck!

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