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Crazy Galaxies.io

Instructions: The mouse is used for moving and dragging your galaxy. Use the spacebar to accelerate it.

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Crazy Galaxies.io

Play Crazy Galaxies.io unblocked free online with new friends worldwide now! You are going to experience an epic space adventure as you try to complete a tough mission which is to suck up all other smaller galaxies, asteroids, and planetary bodies to increase your size. When you make your way through space, feel free to devour all of them when they stand in your way. The more you absorb, the bigger you are. Basically, Crazy Galaxies.io free shares the same gameplay mechanics with Agar.io, but still you will have more fun and a fresh experience. Try to watch out for the environments around you, have some good strategies with nice tactics ready in advance so as to cope with the tough opponents. If you destroyed, everything will be over, and you will have to restart it from scratch. Can you become the crazies galaxy on the server: Play it now!

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