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Instructions: Interact with the objects in the game using the mouse, touchpad or touchscreen.

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With a nice web-browser io game called Colonist.io, you will experience great challenges and have a chance to show off your skills. In Colonist.io unblocked, the mission for you is to create civilization as well as develop a territory. To that end, you have to do a lot of missions as well as use your excellent skills to complete them. The first thing you do is to make settlements for increasing your production and victory points. Your territory will expand when you make those settlements. After making the big territory, other players will target you. Now, you have to prepare some strategies then use them to outplay all enemies. As you complete tasks, you will earn some points. The more points you have, the better it is. If you get to 10 points first, you will become the winner. Are you ready for the challenges in this io game? Play it now! Have fun!

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