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Bumper Cars

Instructions: Direct the movement of your bumper car using arrow keys or WASD. To get more power, use the spacebar, but the boost will be limited.

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Bumper Cars

It must be so terrific to race against enemies in space! With Bumper Cars unblocked, you will enjoy it! Say hi to this classic racing io game free for all now. You will be up against hordes of aliens in a challenging race. With a futuristic bumper car in your hands, you must use it as both offensive and defensive weapons to defeat all aliens standing in your way before they are able to attack you. Take control of your car through the map carefully to deal damage to those aliens. As you collect kills, you will build your size larger. Once you have reached a big size, you will become much stronger and nothing can stop you from killing more aliens. Whatever you do, try your hardest to survive then work your way up to the first place on the leaderboard. Bumper Cars io game is free and ready to drop you into the battle. Come to play it now!

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