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Bullet Town

Instructions: Move your character using WASD, use the left mouse to fire, click the right mouse or key E to collect an item and use key R to reload.

Bullet Town about:

Bullet Town

It must be pretty cool to become the mayor of Bullet Town! Are you ready for this big challenge in Bullet Town – a new addicting io game online? You can play it for free in your browser and take this chance to express your shooting skill. In the game arena, everybody is able to become the mayor, which makes the battle much harder to conquer. You have to move around the town gathering many weapons and items then use them to destroy your enemies when they stand in your way. You will want to try using an awesome bazooka that dishes out huge splash damage, helping you slay more enemies. However, whatever you do, don’t forget to keep yourself safe from the enemy attacks. It takes them a few seconds to eliminate you, so be careful with them all the time. To be the mayor, you must collect a lot of cash at the end of the round as well as slay more rivals. Try it now!

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