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Instructions: Point a side on your selected square using the mouse or trackpack. Interact with it using the left mouse button.

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3plus1.io unblocked is an io game of strategy featuring epic matches. The game revolves around strategic matches in which players have to use their strategies, tactics, and wisdom to fight one another. Pick a public match or a private match then step into the arena. You are tasked with validating the side of a square on a grid for creating or finishing it. Remember that you cannot return once you have validated the side. There are only 15 seconds for you to do this, so you must get it done quickly. Try to beat your opponents, outplay them with your strategies, and conquer all challenges to become the ultimate winner. The toughness of the game will be increased as you play. This means you have to pay more attention to your opponents’ moves and make sure they will not outplay you. Once you get to the top rank on the leaderboard, you will dominate the arena! Have fun!

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