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Instructions: Use the mouse to direct the movement of your bee, click the left mouse button to claim the safe tiles, click the right mouse button to claim the trap tiles. Click the mouse and drag to pan the camera around the hive.

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Are you ready to become the top bee in the hive in HiveSweeper unblocked? Try this cool io game free online right now and take this chance to express your skills. As a bee, you must wander around the map carefully competing against the other 5 enemy bees to see who will claim the biggest territory in the hive. When you move, you have to be careful with the traps, also, try not to run out of tiles or make a mistake, otherwise, you will be defeated. To beat other players, you can claim their tiles or lure them into activating your traps. You should make use of your skills with smart strategies to defeat them all and survive until you dominate the hive as well as become the best bee, which is your main goal in HiveSweeper free online. With unique gameplay and awesome challenges, you will like this game! Have fun!

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