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Instructions: Control your queenfish using the mouse. Press key W or the left mouse to attack, use the right mouse or spacebar to combine your creatures, hold right mouse or spacebar to eat your own creatures. Toggle the zoom using the mouse wheel scroll or keys + and -.

Aquar.io about:


Aquar.io is situated in a huge ocean where you start as a small queenfish that has to grow your school through over time. Basically, Aquar.io is a game like Oceanar.io with better features. It promises to bring you an unforgettable underwater adventure where you come across many interesting challenges. You are not alone in the ocean, there are plenty of ocean dwellers that you will encounter during the adventure. Some of them can engage in your group, while some will go hostile on you. Therefore, you should figure out which ones are friends, which ones are enemies. You should deal damage to enemies, wipe them out before they knock you out the arena. Keep absorb smaller creatures to build the size of your school and turn it into the largest one. Are you ready? Let’s join the game right now! Hope you have a lot of fun with it!

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