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Instructions: Move your character using the arrow keys and to make yourself heavier, press key X.

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From the IO games series, Bonk.io unblocked is a physics-based multiplayer game that is good at keeping players amused for hours in a row. If you are still finding a physics game to master, then you have come to the right place. With two kinds of matches, the last man standing and the team-based match, you will have a lot of experiences. There are up to 8 players in the same playing field of Bonk io game. You have to have your skills ready in order to push them off the edge of the level. For having the advantage, you can make yourself heavier, which gives you more strength to bash others much further. Also, nobody can easily push you out of the map due to your heaviness. However, there is a drawback of this ability, which is that you will become much less maneuverable. Always attempt to use your raw skills wisely, dodge the collisions with other players and turn yourself into the last man standing.

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