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Instructions: Move your character using WASD, click the left mouse to fire, use key E to collect items or interact, key R to reload, the right mouse to drop an item, key Esc to open the menu and key M to open the map.

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Here comes another Battle Royale game! Are you ready to partake in Raids.io where you will compete against many online opponents? The game is set in a prehistoric arena in which you control a variety of dinosaurs. It will be so fantastic when you ride a dinosaur into a battle to take on enemies, right? With Raids.io, you can even have a chance to find more dinosaurs when roaming through the playing area, especially T-Rex – the toughest dinosaur available in the game. Aside from finding dinosaurs, don’t forget to collect a wide range of weapons that can help you on this journey. You will use them to defeat all enemies. Also, make sure to smash many objects so as to find new loot. You have to defend yourself from the other players’ attack! If you soak massive damage, you will end up getting destroyed for sure. The goal of Raids.io is to rule the entire arena!

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