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Instructions: Move through the map using WASD, aim and shoot enemies using the mouse, press the spacebar to jump and use key E to collect items.

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Do you want to join a game that lets you freely express your shooting style? Play Krunt io unblocked online in your browser now to shoot down all enemies that get in your way. You will be dropped into a huge map full of hostile players from around the world. Battling against them is not easy at all as you have no ideas about how strong they are. So, you must prepare everything you have in advance to cope with them during the course of the battle. You will have to wander around the map looking for weapons, handy equipment, and health kits. They are all handy things that help you in conquering the enemies. You must do your best to gun down on any rivals that stand in your way before they are able to do the same to you. Performing fast actions will also help you survive the dangers around you, especially the map that keeps shrinking. Krunt.io game allows only one last player standing to win, and this person must be you.

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