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Humans And Robbers

Instructions: Control the movement using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to fire, use key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key B to purchase items and key N to level up.

Humans And Robbers about:

Humans And Robbers

Hiding, surviving and gaining triumph are all the things you must achieve in Humans & Robbers which is a cool survival game to play. You become a gormless human who just simply enjoys his day by doing common stuff, like walking from rooms to rooms, watching the TV, etc until the robbers break into your house. These robbers are dangerous, they will try to take anything they want, and will not skip any chances to kill you. Now, you must get through this night! Start to barricade yourself as well as fight them back by using any weapons that you have found in your house. You can shoot them directly, stab them with a knife, or even smash them in their faces. In case you are unable to defeat tougher robbers, try to keep yourself safe from them by hiding somewhere. Do whatever it takes to survive the night and come out as the final victor. Are you ready? Jump into it now!

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