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Gang Warz

Instructions: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press key G to drop items, the left mouse to use items. Use the mouse to drive the car, key W to use the car ability, spacebar to disable turning and key Esc to exit the car.

Gang Warz about:


Fighting for control of the streets must be a challenging thing, and that’s what you will do in Gang Warz! If you want to know how strong your fighting skill, then put it to a test in this free 2D Shooter game unblocked now. You can play Gang Warz with free accounts in your own browser. Once you step into the playing area, you must go kill as many enemies as possible as you keep yourself safe from their assaults. On the streets, you can find a lot of advanced AIs, vehicles, as well as a wide range of diverse weapons, with plenty more awesome things to see. They are all handy, so you should gather them for yourself then use them to your advantage. When you find a vehicle, you can drive it through the streets, speed up and use the car ability to crush all enemies. You’d better play with excellent strategies if you want to dominate all streets.

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