Have you ever played the classic Pacman game that was very popular on the Internet? Now, it’s finally brought to the web browser with a great title: You will be allowed to play and compete against so many opponents coming from across the world. It’s going to be so fun playing with them, but it’s also very challenging. There is no denying that this is the initial video game that was so famous in the Arcade game era. Are you ready to earn yourself a fresh gaming experience? Jump into it now!

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Similar to the classic Pacman game, in, you take on a role of a hungry Pacman roaming a big maze full of fruits, pellets and of course, evil ghosts that keep chasing. You must eat up as many pellets with fruits as possible while keeping yourself away from the ghosts, if you touch them, you will turn into a ghost instantly. There are multiple enemies that you will come across at a time. You must have your skills and some strategies ready to cope with them.


When you roam the map, make sure that you eat as many pellets as possible. They help increase your size very fast. You can totally absorb the real enemy Pacman moving around the maze, but you can only eat the ones that are smaller than you, while you have to keep yourself away from the bigger ones, or else you will get eaten.


You must absorb all of the dots scattered around in the map for proceeding to the next stage. Try to eat some power pellets to make weaken the opponents for a short time then absorb them all before they change back. You see that there are many ghosts roaming the map, and you must elude Blinky – the leader of the ghosts. He has so many fellow ghosts, such as Inky, Clyde, and Pinky. You have to stay away all of them, otherwise, your life will be brought to an end immediately. In addition, you must elude getting trapped in corners, and ensure that you always have an exit from the enemies.

Just like other web browser IO games, the only objective in this one is to become the largest and the strongest Pacman on the leaderboard. To achieve the goal, you must play with nice strategies, defend yourself from the enemy attacks and always stay calm during the course of the fight. Wish you luck!

How to play

To move through the maze, you just simply use the mouse pointer and make sure while moving, you eat up as many pellets as possible. The more pellets you eat, the larger you are. Feel free to absorb the smaller Pacman roaming the maze as well.

How to Play

The game allows you to make a speed boost when roaming the maze. You can speed up to dash away from the ghosts or the bigger enemies or when you need to catch your targets. To accelerate, just simply click the left mouse button.


  • A familiar yet awesome gameplay with amazing graphics and a retro Arcade style.
  • Play with a lot of friends from across the world in a big maze.
  • Many pellets are scattered around the maze and they are free to absorb.
  • Lots of kinds of ghosts trying to put your life to an end.
  • Become the largest Pacman in the entire arena!

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